The residents of the village have since long rich culture- and social life.The regularly organized culture festivals reflect not only preserving of the holidays and traditions, but rather the hospitality and friendly nature of the local inhabitants. Each year, end of May takes place The Festival of the Folk Music in Malé Dvorníky, what is a meeting place for music lovers.It is both, meeting of many nations, traditions and customs, primarily however meeting place for generations, from children to seniors.

In the end of August a traditional festival is organized, so for entertainment is provided again. The Village Day attracts the inhabitants and visitors who are interested in folk music, singing and dancing. Not only the traditions but also the church holidays are kept alive, like Advent, Christmas and The Holy Trinity.

It does not lack also at the sport life. Each year a sport day is organised, full of movement and games for sport lovers. Except the men football team Malé Dvorníky has a women team as well, that represent our village and region at home and in foreign countries.

If you want to experience the atmosphere of the Corn Island directly in our village, two and three bedrooms are available in the Village House or by private houses.